Skiing and Snowboarding 

Take your first snowboarding lessons:

Starting a one-day to a full training course, you will experience the thrill of a ride.

Develop your style with our experienced instructors If you have a moderate level and want to improve your style, Exit To Nature instructors will have the pleasure to share you their knowledge

Advance snowboarding:
For professionals join us for an extreme ride. After the briefing in the early morning you’ll be heading to a specific summit on snowshoes then snowboarding down the valley.
(Depending on the location you might be able to experience many rides at the same day)

Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing 

Discover the majestically landscape of our country. Our nature gives you the opportunity of snowshoeing between Rocky Mountains, rivers and near iced waterfalls.

Discover two kinds of majestic landscape, one with lunar aspect and the second with cedar, pine and oak trees where you can enjoy bird watching and wild animals in their natural environment.