Paragliding School 

Paragliding Courses are divided into

Level A where you start by taking ground handling of the glide , meteorological as well as theoretical lessons.
The course usually takes 1 week -10 days (provided the weather is good ) during which you learn all the basics & fly 5 guided flights.
By guided flights we mean you are alone but with radio assistance with 2 instructors all throughout your flights; (one on take off and one on landing)
You also learn about international laws & priorities & different landing approaches.

Level A costs 990 US$ Equipment is provided by us.

Level B : Thermalling (you learn to go up) , fly in different sites in different meteorological conditions, do more flight exercises ,use the speed bar , learn different take off (facing the glide) & landing techniques.
10 assisted/unassisted flights

Level B costs 750 US$ Equipment is provided by us.
Please note that there is mandatory insurance that costs 140US$ and that covers injuries or damages TO OTHERS – the insurance is valid till the end of the year and is renewable)

Paragliding Tandem 

We fly all day, every day all throughout the year including official holidays provided the weather is good.
Flight time is 10 to 15 minutes, and can be extended by 5-10 minutes depending on the weather conditions
The paragliding tandem costs 120US$ per person.
(HD DVD of the flight: videos & pictures package is available for 30US$).
Briefing, gearing-up and flight time amount to approximately 1 hour.
Reservation is required 48 hours prior to the requested date of flight.
Paragliding is subject to wind conditions so clients must be advised that sometimes postponement of the flight can occur at the last minute.
Insurance is included , however there is a discharge letter clients must sign.
Minors are requested to have one of their parents (or legal guardian) present & their signature on the discharge letter.
Maximum weight is 95kgs.(up to 100 kgs if the person is physically fit)
Jeans or tracksuits are recommended and running or hiking shoes are a must.
A sweatshirt is recommended if the weather is a bit chilly while a jacket is necessary during winter season.
Clients can bring their cameras or phones to take pictures or choose to have our DVD option (or both).
We accept credit cards (Visa – Mastercard & Amex )