About Us 

Exit to Nature unites outdoor-activities, cultural excursions and eco-tourism in one professional organization. Our company offers adventurous daytrips to Lebanon’s countryside. We give courses in exciting sports, like paragliding and snowboarding. We arrange all-in cultural packages for travelers from abroad. We operate in many fields related to adventure travel and outdoor activities. 

lexibility is our power. We make challenging trips available for all. Everybody young at heart and eager to explore is welcome to join our activities. Besides our monthly hop-on activity schedule, we organize specific tours for groups and individuals on request.

afety comes first in all our activities. Exit-to-Nature guides are well trained and highly qualified on the fields they are working in. We work with licensed mountain guides and certified paraglide instructors. During outdoor-activities, we easily adapt to the different levels of capability of our clients. While guiding groups, we always keep an eye on the well-being of each member of the group.

ature, adventure and culture are the keywords of our activities. We value Lebanon’s nature and culture deeply. We organize all our activities in great respect to the surroundings. Our outdoor trips bring people closer to nature. Our cultural excursions trigger curiosity in Lebanon’s abundant early history. Simply by organizing exciting tours, we stimulate people to treasure our national heritage. There is no better way to safeguard the environment!

ith our activities, we aim to make outdoor activities easily available for everyone while bringing people closer to nature and increasing appreciation of nature’s ecosystems. We also work to promote and defend the cultural treasures of Lebanon as an international travel destination and boost the economy of mountain area by stimulating tourism.