Team Building 

Whether it’s a simple meeting or a forum, ETN team will handle all your requirements from booking hotel rooms, conference room, conferences equipment, venues and transportation. Above all you can now make your conference more interactive by using the latest technological tools and implementing indoor and/or outdoor activities to break the ice and make the messages stick in the mind of your listeners. Our team building focuses on one or several days activities that build & develop shared goals, interdependence, trust and commitment, leadership skills, and accountability among team members. Using problem-solving skills while having fun is what we encourage throughout the process. Be it in winter, spring, summer or autumn we have various personalized activities that ensure that every outing is exclusive to each & every company. We offer several programs that include cultural & touristic visits, sports activities and gamesBriefings and debriefings are held to ensure every individual and group asses the day , the reactions,  what was achieved on a personal level and as a team challenges are discussed and different approaches and solutions proposed to the games

Corporate Entertainment 

Why not mix business with leisure and show your appreciation to your guests or employees. It can be a ceremony of awards, a tailored live performance or an exceptional evening in a unique unexpected venue. All related services are our concern such as set design, staging, sound & light.